Yuletide Market


An idea I think that would thrive in Downtown Lowell is creating a Yuletide Market. The first or second weekend in December, close down Middle Street or another spot in downtown Lowell, with the cute cobblestone roads, and invite all the vendors from Western Ave. Brush Arts etc. and have mulled wine and hot chocolate just like they do in Europe. There could be a beer tent, craft tent for kids, maybe the local choirs could carol.

Boston’s Christmas Market in Seaport is a prime example of this, so why not Lowell!! 


Downtown Lowell in the winter is so cute time with all the lights, wreaths, and old brick buildings, I think if this is done right, it could turn into a holiday destination in MA.



  1. I would be totally down with this. I am an independent vendor, I think inviting the members of the Brush and other cultural groups in addition to the free agents. Maybe offer some tables to our cultural orgs (such as Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!
    Space means limitation and organization, but I think it’s a great idea. Lowell is the perfect setting. Would be glad to help in organizing also publicity.

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