DIY Lowell Mission

Do-it-Yourself Lowell is a grassroots group dedicated to helping community members make small-scale projects and events happen together. It connects people with ideas to funding, technical assistance, and most importantly to one another.

DIY Lowell Values…

  • Diversity, inclusivity, and community involvement
  • Local solutions for local challenges
  • Democratic and grassroots decision making
  • Placemaking by and for the community

Project Guidelines (The Ideal Project)

An ideal DIY Lowell project would be small-scale and easy to put in action quickly. It would make a public place in Lowell more vibrant, walkable, bikable, or livable. Although low-cost and possibly temporary, it would suggest what’s possible and build toward larger goals and greater investment. It would be a step toward implementing action items in public plans such as Sustainable Lowell 2025. Finally, it would be sustainable fiscally, environmentally, and socially.

Project Selection Criteria

The following criteria must be met for projects to be considered at the DIY Lowell Summit. If the Advisory Committee determines that a submitted project does not meet these criteria, we will attempt to work with the original submitter to modify the project to meet the criteria before the voting phase.

Projects must…

  • Benefit a neighborhood or community
  • Take place in the City of Lowell boundaries
  • Be expected to cost $1,000 or less start to finish
  • Be expected to be finished within a year
  • Relate to public or semi-public space
  • Be low-maintenance, temporary, or otherwise sustainable

Projects must not…

  • Primarily benefit a single individual or business
  • Discriminate or exclude groups
  • Harm individuals or organizations
  • Break the law