Where can I walk my dog? Which parks are dog friendly?


If you google Lowell Parks you can find a list of parks at Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust http://www.lowelllandtrust.org/sites/default/files/PDF-files/public-parks.pdf but the list doesn’t say much about the Parks themselves. Why not document the parks with images and comments and make it easier to find a new place for a quiet picnic or place to walk your dog? This could be a web document or a paper one . . .


It will offer ideas on where to explore in Lowell, hopefully get people out of their familiar haunts and encourage them to explore!


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  1. I had an idea for a location in the Acre to make a gravel spot for a “dog bathroom”, with a bag dispenser. This would all be clearly marked. It is across the street from a no-dog park. I have gotten as far as discussing it with neighbors, who like the idea, and an Acre neighborhood leader, who thought it could work if we clear the area and commit to maintaining the bag dispenser. Maybe we can build on this idea. Check out Be Doggone Smart (doggonsafe.com) about good relations with dogs. Many people do not read dogs well and are afraid of them – occasionally, with good reason. It is hard to have a dog around here.

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