Coffee House and Open Mic to Promote Diversity


Support diverse narratives, music, dance, performance and oral history by inviting people in the Acre to share their short performance pieces. Possible venue: Western Avenue, maybe in the Onyx Room or the Loading Dock.

I’m including a link to another open mic which is called Café Cultura Xpress Yourself which is located in Denver because they do a good job of explaining how it has benefitted them, and how it has turned into a hugely beneficial organization for that city.


The Acre is a very diverse area with a multicultural history. Supporting an open mic in this area would help by promoting awareness of diversity -- whether it is cultural, racial or ethnic diversity, LGBT diversity, disability awareness and issues affecting those with HIV and AIDS (and many other important issues, depending on who participates). It would be emotionally cathartic as well as educational and culturally enriching.


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