Weekly or bi-weekly evening walks (for non-walkers and mere mortals)


I propose something which I routinely do myself, and that is a late night 3 mile walk that begins and ends at 230 Gorham Street. The length, time and duration can be revised based on participant consensus but a start time after 9:00 PM ensures recreation of the ideal ambiance.

My experience:
During the late night walk I limit my interaction with the outside world by excusing myself from my phone with the occasional exception of positive and uplifting music or for photographic purposes of some of the more rustic areas of this beautiful city we live in. I often venture into areas where others seldom frequent (like the alley between Merrimack Street and Middle Street). I also walk along the walkways next to the canals in the Lowell National Historic Park but one of my favorite streets to walk down is Tanner Street due to the fact that it’s quiet, peaceful and full of rustic beauty.


The idea is cost effective as there Is no cost associated with walking the public areas of Lowell. The walk also has the positive effect of increasing ones caloric outtake and naturally expending energy at the end of the day as opposed to other less than healthy options (like a nightcap). Additionally, I’ve captured some amazing photos along the way and became familiar with some off beat secret treasures of this amazing town. There are countless other potential benefits when you consider the fact that eyesores and other unpleasantness can be brought to light and rectified by notifying the appropriate public servant(s) as needed if they happen to be encountered (though I've never had to do much beyond occasionally disposing of trash). Final thought: When I smoked, I barred myself from doing so during the duration of the walk after an elderly resident gestured by pressing his fingers to his lips, noting the fact that I was waking for health, stating “I thought that was the point.” Noting the wisdom of our elders, I took his comment to heart and let the nicotine be the reward for competing the journey. I’ve since quit smoking but, in the spirit of life being a journey, I respect the path of those who chose to do so. This walk should be all inclusive, embracing diversity and not necessarily exclude those who are health conscious. There should be no need for proper exercise attire other than shoes and clothing which don’t prevent you from walking. The ability to walk need not be a requirement and those who utilize wheel chairs should be welcome.


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