Trash Awareness Project


After cleaning the Lowell canals this morning, I’m disgusted by the trash pulled. I want to install a small garden and playground designed with only trash! Cig butts for mulch etc. Then I’d like to post a sign that states “Welcome home, enjoy! This trash was picked from the canals to design this park. Please recycle.”


Environmental Awareness



  1. This was my submission. I’m so excited to see it as an option. Please keep me posted on the project I didn’t receive an email with additional info

  2. I wonder how feasible this is. Wouldnt a sculpture be more likely, or is that what you mean. Playground equipment has to be clean and safe…

    • I am not certain of the original intent, but our understanding was that this would be more like a temporary sculpture meant to provoke a reaction, not literal play equipment. I don’t think we’d want kids playing in cigarette butts! Definitely something to discuss on Thursday.

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