The View from Christian Hill


Residents of all ages gather atop Christian Hill Reservoir in late afternoon to share telescopes and learn about geography/astronomy by viewing Boston in the southeast or Mount Wachusett in the west, and then watching the sunset and checking out stars in the sky during the evening.


Bring residents together to learn about geography/astronomy from atop a beautiful spot in Lowell.



    • The group had a leaf-gazing gathering on the hill a few weeks ago–perhaps 30-40 folks came and went over the course of a few hours and shared snacks and conversation. Several of them had never been on the Reservoir before! We have photos here:

      They’re planning another gathering in the spring when it warms again to stargaze. We’ll make an announcement on our mailing list and Facebook when a date is picked, but let us know if you want to be more involved and I’ll email you with the organizer’s contact info.

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