street trees throughout the city


in addition to the proposed fruit trees just plain plant trees on neighborhood streets, residential and commercial alike, e.g., Norcross, Wilder esp. in vicinity of Morey School, Bridge Street; streets with sidewalks, and streets without sidewalks. Perhaps their care in the critical first few years could be offered to locals for “naming” rights.


The local streets wouldn't look so barren. Neighborhoods would have some natural beauty and the softening effect of trees. If someone is given "right" to care for trees, pride may enlarge to more of the surrounding space, and we neighbors may get to know each other and care.. In the future when they acquire size, and the city has more money (hope so), benches can be placed strategically throughout the city, under trees for neighborhood gatherings.



  1. Hear, hear! I have some coffee-table photo books of Lowell from about the mid-1850s through about 1950. Seems there used to be many more trees. Bring them back. And speaking of trees, how about turning some of these ugly vacant lots into little parks? We need more green.

    • Which vacant lots are you thinking of? Perhaps you should submit one as an idea! Although making a lot into a park is beyond DIY Lowell, the first step toward a park (a temporary garden, a block party, a tree planting) might be a great idea, depending on the lot!

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