Rooftop Garden Demonstration


On flat rooftops, there should be gardens and unused urban rooftops can be designed for community and volunteer-maintained gardens, where there can be volunteer days for anyone to come out and help maintain the space and bring home harvested produce.
A DIY Lowell Team can create a “demonstration” garden on the roof of a public garage or private building with the support of the City or the private owner. It would be a container garden with produce that could be harvested in a month or two. The Team would share media about the garden, along with educational materials on how private owners can transfer their own rooftops. A small event could also be organized to show off the garden.


It would increase the amount of local and affordable produce, while beautifying an under-utilized space or spaces in the city. Gardens help decrease CO2 in the atmosphere AND save energy bills for buildings. Less runoff water in sewage from storms


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