Projections on Cityscape


When the Old Man in the Mountain in NH fell down, they installed a series of “profile poles” at the base so you can stand in footsteps and sight along and still experience the Old Man as being where he always was. My idea is to install a series of similar poles along the riverwalk on the north bank of the Merrimack River between Aiken St. and past Bridge St. to Duck Island, where walkers can stop and see projected on the city scape across the river, images or cutouts of famous Lowellians and visitors: Kerouac lifting a copy of his On the Road above his head, Henry David Thoreau and his brother in a canoe at the Merrimack and Concord River Confluence, etc., but also projections of the diverse community which is Lowell: for example, an image of the Angkor Dance Troupe (I see that on a mill rooftop!)



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