Painting Public Trash Bins


Groups and individuals can sign up to paint one of the green metal trashcans that are used in Lowell’s public parks. Artists (new or pros) would be encouraged to feature environmental, Lowell pride, and/or cultural components in the designs. Funds would cover cleaning the bins to start and then supplies for artists. Each bin could cost about $50. They could either all start in one place like a park, or could start popping up more randomly to engage all areas of the city and get people talking about what they mean.


Public art makes people happy! Some people ignore the green trash cans and feel fine putting their trash on the ground. If their attention is caught by a cute or impressive design, they might think twice and throw the trash in the bin. Any artists involved (and everyone they tell about it) will feel pride in the area featuring their bin and hopefully others in the project. This will encourage all involved to use the bins as well and increase the pride they feel in the city.The bins are also good spots to highlight environmental tips or other topics, so there would be an educational component as well.


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