Painted Crosswalk at Dutton and Market Sts, Merrimack St, or Other


Commission artists to paint bright designs between the reflective white bars of one or more crosswalks in the City. If it is possible, the ideal crosswalk is Market crossing Dutton. This intersection is an important link between both sides of Market Street. It’s a dangerous crossing for pedestrians, and a brightly colored crosswalk would alert drivers as well as form a visual link to two very artful sections of the city. Bright designs painted by artists would intersperse the reflective white crosswalk. Downtown Amesbury commissioned artists to decorate crosswalks. With all of the artists in Lowell and all of the grant money the city got, this project could easily get done.


Highlight our artist community, make the connection between both sides of Market St arts sites, employ artists, pedestrian safety...


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