Temporary Canalwalk Art Brick Trail


Working with Lowell National Historical Park and other partners, place 300 bricks or stones painted by 300 community members every few feet along the side of the Canalway walking path behind the Leo Roy garage as a temporary, pop-up art installation. Diverse folks and artists would be invited to paint at various events or pop-up stations over the spring. Then, the bricks would be laid out loosely beside the path, adding a splash of color and interest. The group could workshop ways to make the art pieces difficult to take from the installation until it was over.


This Canalwalk is underutilized, and the bricks might pique interest for residents to take the path and discover the beauty of the "Industrial Canyon." They may come downtown just to see the special path and stop in shops at either end of it. It might inspire a permanent artistic intervention inlaid in the path. The bricks are temporary, so a new art project could happen in future years, or they could eventually be used in another neighborhood walking path.


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  1. Another nice idea. Reading many of these makes you think there should be a “paint the city” event combining some of these great ideas!

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