Opening Awareness Day: Event to Come Together for Homelessness, Veterans, Cleanups, and More


At Boarding House Park hold a community gathering with roundtables and representatives from different organizations so people can learn more about important causes/issues in Lowell. Some examples: trash awareness, homelessness. Activities like games and making care packages for the homeless, veterans, active duty military, or just families who need it. We can do a treasure hunt that involves picking up some trash, cleaning up. Give out biodegradable seed bracelets that can be planted. Could include speed-dating with games and conversations. One possible craft would be to use plastic bags to make sleeping mats for homeless people. Have activities for different age groups, including children, teens, adults, seniors.


This idea would provide a way to get people who may not usually go to town hall meetings to learn about issues in Lowell while surrounded with fellow neighbors. Encourages intergenerational participation.


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