Merrimack Street Rotating Cultural Exhibit!


Work with the Adult Ed center across from the Library to install an outdoor “rotating cultural exhibit.” This would include a couple of structures that could be chained to the fence that would hold items behind plexiglass, frames to be attached to the fence that could hold informational panels, and perhaps some planters for small shrubs or flowers. These could be re-used for various cultural exhibits, perhaps coordinated with flag-raising ceremonies.


This would be a low-cost way to celebrate Lowell's diversity and create some visual interest and excitement connecting downtown with "Upper Merrimack Street" walking toward UMass Lowell. If the materials are high enough quality and draw a lot of attention, perhaps it would also contribute to interest in redeveloping abandoned abutting properties. It's right across from the library, which may be able to assist in getting cultural groups to fill the space.


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