Lowell Voices


Develop an audio podcast series of the voices of the Lowell community with cooperation
of area resources, individuals and their stories. Results will be understanding of individuals in the community, who are working to make their lives and the lives of their community better.
They will meet with park rangers and develop a level of understanding on what our role and mission is and how together, we can share to a greater audience and develop deep
relationships and understanding.


We have selected the Acre community as our community of choice for our current outreach and engagement efforts. Partnering with LTC with access to their “podcast” studio, we will partner with community organizations which have been identified for their mission in the community. From there, we will identify active organization members we can connect with and facilitate their stories in their voice to Lowell and beyond. LTC will allow the recordings a home site where the stories will live.● Park rangers will develop their skills in the art of audio storytelling as facilitators of direct conversation with individuals in the community. The community members will find new avenues to express their interests, hopes and fears, while learning about the park and the stories on which the park is made up of.● Our community partners will assist in identifying their volunteers and supporters while increasing understanding on their mission and goals to a greater audience. LTC, as the main center of activity and equipment, will also gain greater recognition in the community as a resource for further communication techniques and avenues of information dissemination.● The length of any program can vary. Time is not important. A series of “shorts” can be produced to create a “tickler” to encourage people to download or listen in.● Episodes recorded at the studios of LTC will be posted to LTC site for listening. Additional venues for posting, such as ITunes/Stitcher, etc will be considered as well.


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