Lowell Chopped – Chef Cooking Competition


Host an event where a set number of local chefs compete in a “Chopped” style competition using a mystery basket of local fair. A charity would be selected (foodbank, high school culinary scholarship, economic develop for small restaurants) and proceeds would be donated. A panel of celebrity judges selected to determine a winner. Chefs could be paired with students or auction off the chance to be a “celebrity sous chef” for the day. The pantry would b stocked by local farms and feature amazing products from the area.


The event would bring excitement to the community and beyond. An excellent avenue to raise funds and awareness to what our community has to offer. I have developed these events before and food has an amazing way to bring people and families together, with the flare of TV cooking.



  1. Hi, this is a great idea. We are actually doing a “Lowell Chopped” competition as part of this years Lowell Food and Wine Festival in September. Would love your input and maybe, if you want to, you can help us putting it on!

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