Little Free Library


Build a small “take a book, leave a book” enclosed bookshelf (with a roof and glass front door to protect from elements. Put in a central location in one of Lowell’s neighborhoods or parks. To work best it would need some person or persons to make sure the bookshelf isn’t too full, and that it’s otherwise maintained against vandalism.


Building hyper local book loving community of people. Encourage generosity and good will.



  1. My son is interested in creating a Little Free Library at the end of our street. We leave off of the boulevard in Pawtucketville. How would we go about doing this?? Do we need to request approval through the city?

    • We checked with the department of Planning and Development, and there’s no permitting or approval necessary! has some ideas on how to build one, including plans for construction or ability to purchase a kit. A DIY Lowell project that is tentatively being installed in Kerouac Park repurposed an old wooden cabinet by adding a bit of waterproofing.

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