Kratom the Key!


Kratom is a southeast Asian tropical evergreen tree. It is not an opiate but binds to opioid receptors in the brain to cause a myriad of health benefits but most importantly to stop withdrawal symptoms. Kratom is a popular and safe alternative to methadone, a pharmaceutical drug that is used to help with withdrawal symptoms from opioid abuse. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to discredit the benifits and even make the drug illegal. Many people claim they are doing so to prevent losing profits from their perscription drugs. It has been used by humans for over 1000 years and is used around the world even today. My friends and I make positive hip hop music. We plan to promote kratom and a natural solution to addiction along with a more understanding view on our fellow human beings that struggle or have struggled with addiction. Some close friends of mine are southeast Asian, so to further promote Kratom we plan to use southeast Asian artwork on some of the posters showcasing our music.


Making a hip hop group only with selfless musicians to help promote Kratom can promote a better attitude for the youth and community. Promoting positivity and kratom with my talented friends and our powerful music may show that being egotistical is nothing compared to the development of art and love for the community. The youth is the future, warning of laced drugs and addiction can prevent years of pain and issues for many. The southeast Asian artwork on a portion of the posters can appeal to the spirituality and hope of Laos and Cambodian cultures. The opioid crisis can be shown in a new light and not as taboo with help from our music. People addicted to drugs or alcohol can also be rapped and sung about from a pure perspective free of judgment. If this is presented on posters along within our music, people just might listen and spread the good news about Kratom and the fact that the addicted are merely stuck and struggling.


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