Kittredge Park Festival

A festival to highlight the absurd idea that widening Nesmith St next to Kittredge Park will make the area safer or reduce congestion. Food trucks or other vendors could be invited. A live band could play music in the gazebo. Educate people that street widening makes motorists drive faster and crashes become more violent. About 10 street trees could be cut down for just a few extra feet of space, no additional lane would be added. This needs to be stopped.

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Folks from Lower Belvidere use the park a lot and crossing Nesmith by foot is already dangerous enough. Nesmith St is a key corridor to downtown, where congestion is a major issue. Infrastructure projects meant to ease congestion by widening streets typically backfires because more folks choose to drive when it's made easier which actually increases congestion. The festival could be used to start a dialogue about non-vehicular transportation in Lowell that would truly reduce congestion.


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