Kerouac Park Haikus


Jack wanted more people to express themselves, so my idea is for an installation that the public can use to create Kerouac-American-Haikus. It may be difficult to pull off, but what I’m imagining is similar to those installations which are common in playgrounds that have plastic letters you can spin to create simple three letter words. In this iteration however, there would be much more spinning letters – all 26 – (or more likely rearrangeable sliding letters that resemble a wooden sudoku board) so passerbys and rucksack revolutionaries with short poems in their heads can form them for others to enjoy. I suppose there are many ways an artist could bring this concept to life, and it is open to interpretation. “A sentence that’s short and sweet with a sudden jump of thought in it is a kind of haiku, and there’s a lot of freedom and fun in surprising yourself with that, let the mind willy-nilly jump from the branch to the bird.”



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