Inspire Merrimack Street Window Art Project


Use the empty windows on Merrimack St. to create a 24/7 gallery to show the work of local artists and studio groups.
When visitors come to town for our Folk Festival, they are often faced with empty and papered windows when they wander through town. This project can be as large or small as the money permits.

Budget: 200 per storefront; 50. to the artist who installs, 100 for materials (plywood panels, hinges etc.) 50. for solar floodlights…so that the lights can be on without having to initiate power costs.

Optional: Seasonal themes for these installations, or it could be combined with an art-street-walk.


Artists can choose to paint directly on plywood for these installations or collaborate in groups. Or the plywood can be used as a support for smaller nails, hooks etc. will be installed on the property, everything is easily portable if a renter is found and the artwork needs to be moved! Our City would no longer look like an abandoned space. It will be more inviting to visitors to walk the streets.


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  1. The design department @ DPD has installed Christmas displays; a Winterfest Wonderland @ 9 Central Street followed by the Polar Express for 3 years @ 117 135, & 366 Merrimack. There were no displays the last 2 years as they were unable to obtain permission from the landlords. In spite of the obstacles, this should be very aggressively pursued not only downtown but throughout the entire city.

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