Independent Creators Expo Lowell


This event would be like a Comic Con but more like the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. The emphasis would be on artists, cosplayers, writers, musicians, and any other creative who is self-generating projects in the Arts and Entertainment. Of course, as the big draw of Comic Cons has been performers in genre specific media, there would be room for actors, social media personalities, and others who could attract a crowd based on their name. Their presence would be considered part of the advertising budget for the event. Tabling at the event would be vetted to help the vendors room and artists alley in be keeping with the ideal of self-creativity. This event will not have tables for mass produced genre items like Pops or other DC/Marvel/Disney produced items. (In other news: I have run Comic Con style events in the past, and have a cadre of friends who know their stuff in this area.).


Lowell has an incredible array of the arts and entertainment creatives, both professionals and hobbyists. This event would benefit these creatives by bringing them to a larger and specific audience. Lowell would benefit by having the event outside of Boston. There are many people from all over northern New England who look forward to these Comic Con type events. Lowell would be put on the map as the Creative Heart of not just the Merrimack Valley.


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