Garden Stepping Stones & Murals


In the heart of Centralville, at the intersection of Jewett and West 6th street there lies a small park with a basketball court, playground and a thriving green community garden. Monsignor Keenan Park, a.k.a Eagle Park, is a hub for community engagement in Centralville and at almost any hour of the day you might see groups of friends shooting hoops, residents taking a stroll through the park and children laughing as they explore the playground.

The newest addition to Eagle Park is the 26 Plot Community Garden filled with a mixture of novice and experienced gardeners all excited for a bountiful harvest. To add to the vibrancy of Eagle Park Garden, I would like to create stepping stones and community art to place in the pathways of the garden and hang along the fence line.


Both art and gardening are creative expressions that contribute positively to community spaces and I would like to pair the two at Mill City Grows newest garden. Involving gardeners and community members in the creation process would open up dialogue between the two groups and add some art to the park!


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