Drunk History Lowell Edition


The passage of time often has a way of rewriting history. So does a few drinks. The half-hour series “Drunk History” — based on the award-winning web series — shows how by re-enacting famous events in history as told by inebriated storytellers. Each episode takes a tour of a U.S. city to explore stories and people from its rich past. Those stories are related in often-confusing ways by drunken narrators and performed by an all-star cast.

The Lowell version will feature stories and tales from the great city of Lowell and New England. We will seek select volunteers to retell these stories and post them online, or on Lowell telecommunications (if authorized), or other venues. Our intent is to be safe, take the proper precautions and have health professionals available, yet also have fun and retell our history in such a fun and unique way!!!


Get folks interested in local history and different Lowell locations that wouldn't normally be interested. Draw attention to the stories that make Lowell and New England special.


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