Domestic Violence Survivor Gallery of Hope


Basics: How do we bring attention to a domestic violence survivor’s (who are POC/LGBTQ+/Immigrant/Refugee) journey towards healing and hopefulness? How do we get people to learn more about this widespread yet still private issue? How do we get the public to 1) learn 2) to feel empathy 3) to feel inspired enough to organize around this work?

In October (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) we can do this. Collect survivors’ story of hope and tell the story in gallery form. Showcase this gallery at an abandoned spot in Lowell (or recreate a space to look like it’s abandoned). Abandoned spaces are often overlooked and there’s a secret kept inside. That secret could be a story of blooming hope and much like survivors – they often have an untold story of their journey. Ask our artist community to honor the survivors’ stories via their art medium. We can match up a story with and artist.


Survivors: POC Survivors get to share their story of hope. The community has a chance to learn about domestic violence as well as what resources are available.City/Neighborhood: Maybe in future years, we could have the project be a way to gather funds to revive these spaces in Lowell as well (in honor of survivors).Schools: Take field trips to see gallery to learn more about DV and Teen Dating Violence.Artist: Share their talent and art and be a voice for those who has been silenced.Non-profits: Offer resources and work together with the community to bring resources straight to the community. I’m (as part of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence) currently brainstorming with several organizations in the Lowell Area. I really want to make this happen and would love the support of Lowell!


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