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The current Lowell dog park is in a difficult-to-reach location and cannot permanently stay. We should research potential locations for a new dog park, and perhaps even do a day-long event in the space for dog owners and their dogs, serving drinks and food, to generate support for a new park. If a new dog park was in a better area, I think people would help take care of it more and clean up after their dogs.
In addition, it’d be even better if there was a bar attached, so pet owners can socialize too. Who wouldn’t love that?!
A group tried to tackle this before, but key folks moved out of town. Is it time to try again?


Make Lowell pet-friendly! The current Lowell dog park is in a distant location from downtown. Some homeless people have pitched a tent next to it as well, creating challenges for volunteers who clean the park. Currently we have to drive to Hudson or Andover to use their dog parks. We'd love a new, clean, safe place for our dogs to get exercise off-leash and socialize with other dogs. There are a lot of challenges to finding a good dog park location, so there needs to be a lot of community support.A safe space for dogs to interact and get exercise. There are many dogs living in apartments in the city. It would also provide an opportunity for dog owners to socialize and form a community.


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  1. This is a very much needed addition to our city . We need more than ONE uncared for rundown dog park
    There should be a safe well
    Cared for area in each section of the city . Many challenges in doing so but VERY do-able !
    Great idea

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