Design a Better City Flag


Host a community based, community judged design competition to come up with a better city flag for Lowell. While the current one has nice symbology and meaning, it is largely a sendup to the Lowell of the 1800’s. It features the seal (which was created in the 1800s) and was adopted in 1960. A more representative flag would give the diverse population of Lowell something they could rally under, and could include nods to things like the different waves of immigrants and major events like the foundation of the Lowell National Historical Park.


A flag only starts life off as a flag. A flag that is really, truly embraced finds its way into other places. Public art, murals, signage, bumper stickers, event tattoos. To that end, it is important to design with that in mind. Judges should have perspective in art, design, business, fashion & local history. This could also go hand-in-hand with the neighborhood design idea ( ) – good flags show relationships, and a well done city flag could be modified by neighborhoods to reflect what makes them unique.


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