Free Creative Workshops


Volunteers could offer to teach their special skills in workshops held in an underutilized space donated by the City or by a property owner. They could teach pottery, quilting, crocheting, painting, music, gardening, photography, etc. and it would be free to the public. The DIY Lowell project would be a pilot series of these classes.


There are many people that have wanted to learn a craft but never had the opportunity or the resources to do so. This would encourage people to be creative, to enjoy socializing with others with similar likes, to feel useful and to maybe set up a small home business. A spot would have to be made available and a call made for volunteers who would fill out a short proposal for their workshop. Then it could be advertised in community centers such as the library and the senior center. The workshops could be held on a revolving schedule during the month.



  1. Mommy daughter pottery or quilting workshop will be so nice.Painting and photography would be great for anyone without any age limitations.

  2. We have lots of empty storefronts downtown. Let’s find a civic minded landlord with a reasonable rent schedule and get started. Once we have a space I think we can easily fill it. Solicit art supplies donations, tables etc.

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