Canal Candle Boat Ceremony


A multicultural event in which people release small boats that carry small electric lanterns or candles into a canal inspired by similar ceremonies around the world. We would work with Massachusetts DCR and NPS to find the ideal location and choose easily-recoverable boats (to take out of the canal before they reach a dam or river) or biodegradable boats and candles. Each person’s boat represents a prayer, meditation, or memory. An official could release everyone’s boats if it is unsafe for individuals to do so.


This would bring more attention to one of Lowell's unique resources (the canals), perhaps draw visitors, and be an opportunity for people of Lowell's many cultures to mix. This would also give experience to the action team in working with the owners of the canals, and a small-scale project like this may be practice for larger events or coordinate work in the future. The reflective nature of the event may also provide for spiritual/mental health.


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