Cambodian Cultural Exhibit


I propose establishing a Cambodian Cultural Exhibit in Lowell to display Khmer cultural artifacts; conduct lectures about different aspects of Khmer culture, history, traditions, and current events; organize Khmer cultural performances of music, dance, smot, opera, cinema, poetry reading, fashion shows, textile weaving, etc.


Considering that Cambodians constitute a significant portion of Lowell's population, a museum showcasing Khmer culture would have many benefits for the city, including presenting Lowell as a city which recognizes the value of immigrant culture; bringing a sense of pride to the Cambodian community, especially the youth, most of whom have never visited their native country or learned of its unique and rich culture. All youth in Lowell are exposed to high-risk behavior including gangs, and a cultural center such as this would greatly benefit their self-esteem and help to counter the negative influences in society.


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