DIY Lowell Advisory Committee

Are you excited by the possibility of building links between Lowell’s diverse community members? How about teaching future community leaders how to build consensus and make projects happen; tactical urbanism pop-up projects; and creating exciting initiatives that include arts, culture, history, transportation, social justice, environmentalism, and more? Please consider joining the DIY Lowell Advisory Committee!

DIY Lowell is a grassroots group dedicated to helping community members make small-scale projects and events happen together. Those ideas have included the Downtown Pop-Up History Trail, the Domestic Violence Survivor Gallery of Hope, the Canal Trash-Eating Machine, Artistic Bike Racks at Mill No. 5, Park(ing) Day Parklets, Midsummer Dream Festival, and Points of Light Lantern Celebration.

The committee helps with the implementation of our strategic plan in the following ways:

  • Reviewing project ideas for compatibility with our mission and values
  • Developing structure and suggesting innovative program methods and initiatives
  • Assisting with fundraising by suggesting strategies and helping with events
  • Helping develop and implement outreach strategies for inclusion
  • Creating diversity and fundraising targets and evaluating progress toward those targets
  • Being a champion for DIY Lowell in the community

Anyone aged twelve or over who is enthusiastic about our mission is welcome (we currently have no youth members but are recruiting both youth and adults!). We are especially looking for the following skills and traits:

  • Arts and culture experience
  • Legal expertise
  • Marketing/website expertise
  • Experience liaising with businesses for partnerships
  • Fundraising expertise
  • Event planning
  • Representation from or expertise with youth and Lowell’s diverse communities

The committee meets for one hour every month alternating between morning and evening at our office near downtown Lowell. Members may choose to attend once every two months (choosing mornings, evenings, or a mix of both), along with bi-annual “all committee” meetings. Generally, committee members help out an average of one or two hours a month outside of meetings to draft or review documents, share announcements on social media or through their network, attend DIY Lowell events, or volunteer in other ways.
Sound interesting? Reach out to co-founders Chris Hayes and Aurora Erickson at We’d love to invite you to talk with a committee member and audit a meeting for you to see if it’s a good fit!